Out and About :: Peony Hall of Fame

This past spring we had the chance to go crazy with peonies.  They were so gorgeous this year!  Throughout the design process, we would stop and admire certain peonies that just made us smile.  Below are some pictures I took with my super professional and high tech iPhone.

I loved how these peonies opened up to a big yellow center.  It reminded me of something you would see at the bottom of the ocean.  (Pardon the mess, it was take in the infamous "kidnapper van".)

This stunner was one of the MANY gorgeous ones that came in.  How can anyone hate the color pink after looking at this pretty girl?

I really wish I could show everyone this red peony in person.  Pictures just don't do it any justice.  All the ruffles!  I think Stacey and I petted and kissed it at least a few dozen times.

We've rarely seen yellow peonies, so its always a treat when we can get these babies in.  We actually brought some with us to Dallas for the filming of "My Fair Wedding" with David Tutera.  I think David almost fell over when we showed up these yellow peonies.  They are as big as someone's head.  Amazing.

I leave you all with a classic "white" peony.  As you can see, white is a broad term according to Mother Nature.  We love you just the same, even if you are peachy white-ish pink.

Sad peony season is over?  Well, in most areas it is.  Since we are our own wholesalers, we can find growers/distributors worldwide who can provide seasonal flowers in the states, all year long.  So, its not goodbye, dear sweet peonies.  Its only the beginning.

Our Original Winter Wonderland!

We've been blogging about our "winter wonderland" themed open house at The Terrace Club and at our bridal show booth and we wanted to show you where the inspiration came from. December 6, 2008 - Lauren & Jim The Terrace Club, Dripping Springs Texas

Jona Davis with Forever Photography did an amazing job capturing all the details of the day. We also think that lighting really creates that ambiance that you're after. The icy blue light truly makes the design thanks to Ilios Lighting. Lauren & Jim even had "real" snow come down on guests as they entered The Terrace Club.

There's a lot of pictures we wanted to include so be prepared! Jona - we love them all!!

Branches and trees are placed on the front and back of the ceremony area and also along the aisle. They are all snow-flocked and crystals for that extra shimmer and romance!
Suspended candles from the trees created some "warmth" in this snow covered room. In between the trees on the aisle we had white shepherd's hooks snow-flocked with hanging white pomanders to soften the texture against the branches.

Lauren - you looked amazing!

Bridal Show Booth :: Winter Wonderland

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth last weekend. We wanted to do something a little different and something you don't really see in Central Texas - SNOW! We created a custom chuppah that can be any color and any size. We loved that brides were getting underneath the chuppah and taking pictures of themselves holding our bouquets. We were next to Todd at Say Cheese (we were competing for best back drop.) :) Thank you to Lucie's Events for assisting with our booth again this year with design & production. We make a great team! We had a lot of fun incorporating crystals and believe it or not - carnations. They are truly making a comeback in the event industry as a super durable bloom that allows desingers to take floral to places water can't go!!! They are so durable! From carnation wreaths, pomanders or hanging flowers, I can't think of a REAL flower that holds up better than a carnation... especially for a two-day show.

Check out the stunning photos that Eric from Studio 563 took while stopping by. Studio 563 is so great at taking detail shots and are one of our absolute favorites to work with.

"Pretty Pretty" is what we'll call this one. I'm lovin' the dahlias, anemones, hypericum berries, hydrangea & spray roses in this one & finishing it off with some green amaranthus. So romantic.

Snow flocked trees and a custom chuppuh topped with ivory hydrangea for that really lush soft look. We took a different take on hanging crystals which you will still see a lot this year. We also added some lighting to the backdrop for that extra wow. Lighting is the latest "must have" in wedding design - at least we think so!
This dainty bouquet is filled with hydrangea, white ranuncula accents, varigated grass loops and crowned with lamb's ear. Lamb's ear is soooo soft!
We've been seeing/creating this style of bouquet recently. Two kinds of flowers such as tulips and hydrangea in a perfect ring to give each flower its own spotlight.
Thanks again Eric... We LOVE showing off the photos you take of our work!!! :)

Bat Mitzvah! A Trio of Spectacular Events for Miss Hailey!

Hailey's Wonder Emporium!!! We had so much fun designing this event. It took place over several days at One World Theatre and had different looks each time. From an all white affair, boot-scootin hill country elegant celebration to a perfectly pink and beautiful brown party just for Miss Hailey - it was an awesome weekend. Thank you so much to the always wonderful Caplan Miller Events for the opportunity and for planning such a flawless celebration.

Pink peonies and pink cymbidium orchids with a little touch of moss for a soft natural feel.
If you're planning an early spring event, cherry blossoms are amazing to use to create height and drama while keeping it soft and pretty with their pretty blooms.
Buffet piece with cherry blossoms, peonies, garden roses, and pink hydrangea. Love the drama!
Tulips are really fun to use. They're so unpredictable because they continue to grow and move toward sunlight even after being cut - we think it gives personality to the design.

This is the "Hill Country Elegant" theme we were talking about. Our latest favorite thing is succulents. The color combo of the succulents, moss, kiwi vine and yellow orchids really make this arrangement fun.

White peonies - oh my!!