red rose bouquet

Kathryn + Burke :: The Driskill :: 12.18.07

Red at the Driskill is always a winner!! I was lucky enought to be working with Sarah Miller with Caplan Miller Events.  Sarah worked at The Driskill for several years prior to venturing into the event Industry with co-worker Courtney Caplan and forming Caplan Miller Events! They are a great team and it has been lots of fun watching them grow so fast! This wedding was Sarah's first event at The Driskill as the outside coordinator!!! She did a perfect job and it was fun seeing her trying to not be "the boss" of the Driskill staff!!! I'm sure it felt wierd to not have their keys and walkie talkie in hand so she could just go grab something from a closet or snap a little button and talk to whom ever she needed in the Hotel in the matter of a second if she needed to!!!

Here are a few photos from Pam Hults with Hults Photography aka a' la vie Thank you Pam!