Out and About :: Peony Hall of Fame

This past spring we had the chance to go crazy with peonies.  They were so gorgeous this year!  Throughout the design process, we would stop and admire certain peonies that just made us smile.  Below are some pictures I took with my super professional and high tech iPhone.

I loved how these peonies opened up to a big yellow center.  It reminded me of something you would see at the bottom of the ocean.  (Pardon the mess, it was take in the infamous "kidnapper van".)

This stunner was one of the MANY gorgeous ones that came in.  How can anyone hate the color pink after looking at this pretty girl?

I really wish I could show everyone this red peony in person.  Pictures just don't do it any justice.  All the ruffles!  I think Stacey and I petted and kissed it at least a few dozen times.

We've rarely seen yellow peonies, so its always a treat when we can get these babies in.  We actually brought some with us to Dallas for the filming of "My Fair Wedding" with David Tutera.  I think David almost fell over when we showed up these yellow peonies.  They are as big as someone's head.  Amazing.

I leave you all with a classic "white" peony.  As you can see, white is a broad term according to Mother Nature.  We love you just the same, even if you are peachy white-ish pink.

Sad peony season is over?  Well, in most areas it is.  Since we are our own wholesalers, we can find growers/distributors worldwide who can provide seasonal flowers in the states, all year long.  So, its not goodbye, dear sweet peonies.  Its only the beginning.

Kathryn + Burke :: The Driskill :: 12.18.07

Red at the Driskill is always a winner!! I was lucky enought to be working with Sarah Miller with Caplan Miller Events.  Sarah worked at The Driskill for several years prior to venturing into the event Industry with co-worker Courtney Caplan and forming Caplan Miller Events! They are a great team and it has been lots of fun watching them grow so fast! This wedding was Sarah's first event at The Driskill as the outside coordinator!!! She did a perfect job and it was fun seeing her trying to not be "the boss" of the Driskill staff!!! I'm sure it felt wierd to not have their keys and walkie talkie in hand so she could just go grab something from a closet or snap a little button and talk to whom ever she needed in the Hotel in the matter of a second if she needed to!!!

Here are a few photos from Pam Hults with Hults Photography aka a' la vie Thank you Pam!