Stay Calm & Keep Pinning

I don't think I'm alone here when I say that I love Pinterest. Like really LOVE Pinterest. I'm a big fan of the mantra- "don't bother me, I'm pinning" and I mean it. Don't.

When we started planning our wedding, Pinterest was still pretty new. It was this cool new thing that introduced me to ideas that I had never even considered. Having this collection of such creative and unique inspiration at my immediate disposal was such a lifesaver and caused a bit of an addiction and even some confusion.  Our wedding was held at this fantastic venue, Vista West Ranch, just outside of Austin, complete with hill country views, a biergarten and a gorgeous rustic barn. Absolute perfection. Chad & I had a much more urban, modern style. With so many different ideas and themes on Pinterest, my mind was all over the place - there was just so much stuff. Should I go with the rustic vintage look or go with vintage with modern thrown into the mix- if so, how does one accomplish this? (Photos of our wedding to follow). It is the kind of dilemma that keeps you up at night - this is your day and you want it to be perfect down to the last detail. And as much as I loved Pinterest, it started to give me nightmares. It sounds silly now, but it did. So I wiped out my board and started again. Selecting the things I knew made sense - things I could do - and I would actually be able to get my hands on.

So here is my tip: one of my favorite places to look for projects and inspiration towards my new very specific one theme wedding board was on Petal Pushers' Pinterest Page. With over 40 boards filled with amazing pins that were perfect for planning, inspiring, and staying on point- I felt revitalized. The rows and rows of boards and pins are filled with very different themes, ideas and events, but they all flow in this effortless way. Making it easier for me to stay on task and not deviate from the new plan.  It was a lifesaver and I am not sure I would have pulled it off had I not found it. Don't be shy and make sure you share your board with your wedding planner or anyone else involved with decoration or logistics. I found this extremely helpful in the process. Just remember to stay calm & keep pinning.