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{featured} The Knot :: Texas Real Weddings

We are very happy and honored to share one of our weddings at Vista West Ranch that was featured in latest issue of The Knot Texas Real Weddings!!! YAHOO... of course I posted them on here out of sequence and don't know how to move them so... enjoy them with the last page first!! :) Hey, I am just happy to be blogging and it is AFTER midnight... 2 hours after I usually fall asleep on the laptop or the recliner! So, I hope you enjoy these...

{ Update - Pictures have been arranged in order }

Kim + Jared :: Star Hill Ranch :: 12.29.09

Ok, I have to tell you... I was secretly a little worried when Kim informed me she was seriously planning her ceremony outside transforming the existing Gazebo at Star Hill Ranch into a Chuppah on the LAST WEEK OF DECEMBER! Needless to say, we were watching the weather channel all week and as we hoped...Texas treated us to an absolutely PERFECT Wedding! Courtney Caplan at Courtney Caplan Events was super duper with the planning and back-up rain/incliment weather plan for this event!!  Luckily we were able to stick with Plan"A". :)

Other contributers to the success of this wedding: Photographer: Diana M. Lott Catering: Primizie Catering Venue: Star Hill Ranch

I just couldn't pass up this fantastic photo of Jared and his sweet grandmother... great job Diana. You and your team catch great photos like these all the time!!!

Up close of the bridal bouquet

These are our square moss pew markers... love them!!!