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Barton Creek Resort & Spa Wedding- Amelia Tarbet Photography

When I came across this wedding the other day my jaw literally dropped to the ground and stayed there for an indeterminable amount of time. I don't think I have ever seen a wedding quite like this except for maybe in People Magazine. Barton Creek Resort & Spa is a fantastic hotel and golf club. Our wedding party stayed here during our weekend of festivities and enjoyed every moment spent at this hotel. Having seen the space in person without all the glitz and total fabulousness that is sprinkled throughout this wedding I can vouch that this really is an incredible transformation. 


I personally am not very familiar with the tradition of the Chuppah (canopy featured above) and took this as an opportunity to learn more. A Chuppah is a canopy under which a Jewish couple stand during their wedding ceremony. It consists of a cloth or sheet that is stretched or supported over four poles/ or attendees at a wedding and it symbolizes the home that the couple will build together. :) I love that!


Fun Fact: Petal Pushers used almost 10,000 flowers to decorate the Chuppah, cocktail and reception space! 

And my oh my, are those flowers insane(ly gorgeous)! The purple, white and pink floral arrangements blend together so beautifully. I love that the bride's bouquet is a mixture of various white flowers that look so elegant and stand out in the sea of purple and pink. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around how much planning and time went into the execution of this event. I can only imagine that it was a lot...and obviously so worth it...


Photography by Amelia Tarbet

XOXO- Lindsay

Featured in The Texas Knot- Allison & Zach's Wedding

I came across this article the other day while looking for pretty things to talk about on the blog. This wedding was unreal - absolutely breathtaking! Petal Pushers was one of the vendors at Allison & Zach's San Antonio wedding last March and this past Fall their Wedding was featured in The Knot Texas.

From the amazing arbor to the bouquet to the tables, it's obvious that Petal Pushers sprinkled their expertise and magic all over this wedding.

The 12 types of flowers used (including my favorites - Ranunculas, Peonies, Garden Roses and Cymbidium Orchids) constituted a gorgeous spectrum of pink with the Italian Ruscus, Jasmine Vine, and Texas Smilax mixing in a pinch of green. This combination created a gorgeous garden wedding.

Looking at these photos, Allison & Zach's event has such a whimsical and elegant floral atmosphere resulting in jaw dropping beauty. I can only imagine what it must have been like to have been there and to have taken this all in in-person. It seems fairy tale like - so light, airy, and delicate. **sigh & swoon, sigh & swoon**

 XO- Lindsay

Petal Notes:

This was a progressive wedding with the ceremony on the lawn, the cocktail hour in the courtyard, and reception in the ballroom.  The cake was placed out in the round foyer as a statement piece so as not to get lost in the rectangular room that was already filled with dramatic floral.

We chose a variety of table styles with a long, dramatic head table to give the room variance, which I recommend for most weddings, the only exception being small bottle weddings if they have lots of their own props on the tables.  But, for the most part, a room has a better flow with a mix of centerpieces - especially if all of the tables are round (which I try to discourage).

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lindberg Weddings (









Destination Wedding in Naples, Florida – Part Two

We absolutely loved the all white floral color scheme in Naples.  Our main flowers were white peonies and white phalaenopsis orchids.  How can you go wrong?  The only sad part was we couldn't take the flowers back with us to Texas.  It darn near broke our hearts.  I think I even saw Stacey shed a little tear for those orchids during the breakdown of wedding. One of our favorite chuppah's to date:

It was covered in moss, orchids, roses, peonies, amaranthus, stock - you name it.  LOOOOVED it!

Below are more pictures of the stunning wedding.  Don't forget to check it out on Style Me Pretty here.

Destination Wedding in Naples, Florida – Part One

When Courtney Caplan of Caplan Miller Events asked us to design her brother's wedding, we were so honored she chose us!  Its such a compliment when we get referrals from our favorite event producers, but an even BIGGER compliment when asked to do their family's events.  Then she mentioned it was going to be in Naples, Florida at the Ritz Carlton.  We. Were. Floored.  We loaded up our van and had a road crew bring all over our favorite vases and vessels just for Lizzy and Kevin (the bride and groom).  Stacey and I flew into Miami a few days prior and finally got to meet all of our growers and distributors that we've spoken to over the phone and emailed for years, but never put faces to the names!  It was so fun to actually see the warehouses and facilities and make some new friends. The next few days went by really fast with designing, designing and more designing.  Unfortunately, the only time we had a chance to see and touch the beach was at 2am after all the design work was completed each night.  We hear its lovely in the daylight!

These pictures are from the fabulous rehearsal dinner Courtney and her team put on poolside at the Ritz.  From fire breathers to a steel drum band, no detail was overlooked.  Find more details being featured on Style Me Pretty this week!  Up next, the wedding...

Julie + Jeremy :: Lago Vista, Texas

Stay tuned for some new and exciting changes to our blog.  After attending engage! 09 something blue conference in Grand Cayman, we've been inspired! We'll be featuring our favorite weddings, bouquet of the week and other lovely things that make us smile. :)  See! It's already starting!

Onto why you're really here - pretty flowers!

Julie and Jeremy were married in Julie's family home in Lago Vista. An amazing Jewish ceremony overlooking the beautiful Lake Travis. One word to describe this event: Yellow! From different size and shaped urns on the tables to the lush chuppah, romance and whimsy were key in designing this wedding.

{Wedding cast}
Director & Producer: Caplan Miller Events Photography: Diana Lott Photography

Super lush bridal bouquet with daffodils, orchids, sweet peas, stock, hydrangea, ranunculus - if it was yellow it was in her bouquet! Iron chuppah provided by Mancino Iron covered with Texas smilax and yellow floral Hanging lanterns were incorporated throughout the home The dark urns made the floral pop against the natural linens. We love using urns and other vessels in our designs. It gives it that extra added element to the decor and style of the event. The chuppah was later transformed to create a setting for Julie & Jeremy's beautiful cake. YUM!