Introducing for the HOME...

Here in the land of Petal Pushers we shop til we drop. We shop for flowers, wedding supplies, home décor and for everything in between. In case you haven’t noticed... professional shopping is totally our thing.

For those who have seen our rental line it should come as no surprise that we like things a little quirky and a lot unique.  We love to dress up and dress down any space, take on unexpected projects, and transform a room to fit any style. What we really want is a place that has all of the cool stuff we love but is easily accessible and affordable. Our goal is to allow our clients the ability to own badass, great quality and quirky items perfect for their homes at a realistic price.

Thus, the creation of our new online store: Petal Pushers for the HOME. On our store page, you’ll find some of our favorite finds and most desired items ( We hope you will love our ever growing collection of furniture, light fixtures, odds, ends, and marquee lights. #happyshopping

XOXO - Stacey & the Petal Pushers