Only the prettiest petals make it to the party..

Color and Flowers go with weddings like pb + j. They are used to dress up an event space and create a texture filled combination that mix together perfectly. Flowers provide warmth + beauty. They act as major staples at events as they work to transform a location- to transport you to another place in the world or place in time. Clearly, we think pretty flowers are important and only the prettiest petals should make it to the party. Color choice can be one of the hardest decisions to make when planning your wedding, because photos are forever and you will be reminded daily as to what colors you chose on your wedding day. I know a big fear of mine was that I would look back and regret some pattern or shade...I can be so vain sometimes. In an effort to help your decision making process here is a little sample of some fabulous bouquets from weddings past to give you some color and floral inspiration for your upcoming event. Compliments of the Pantone 2014 Spring/Summer Color Guide. :)

#happyplanning- Lindsay