An FYI from Bride and Bloom

Do You Need A Floral Designer? Are you still debating the need for a floral designer? Read below to see why you might want to consider hiring a designer. •    They’re professionals – No matter how many books you read on DIY floral design, it’s really no substitute for years of professional experience. Floral designers know what flowers will be in season on your wedding date, they know which will hold up best in the heat or in the cold, they know the latest color palettes and design trends, and most importantly, they can design in an artistic manner that is hard to achieve as an amateur.

•   They’re relievers of stress – Do you really want to worry about crafting bouquets for all six of your bridesmaids, not to mention all those little boutonnieres? And those sky-scraping, architectural centerpieces you had imagined? They don’t seem like such a piece of cake when you’re trying to entertain your out-of-town guests. Hiring a floral designer allows you to entertain, have some fun, and even relax a little.

They’re stage-setters – A good floral designer will have everything set up before your guests even arrive. This is something that’s hard to do on your own. Usually, designers have an experienced team that helps set everything up. You could attempt to recruit your own team, but who knows how many friends and family members will be able to help you set up? And, do you really want to put that burden on the people closest to you? Your wedding should be a day everyone – including yourself – can enjoy.